Dental Sealant Program

During this school year, 929 children from 15 schools in Eau Claire County received oral health educations in conjunction with information for children and parents about the importance of dental sealants. Out of 371 (39%) of second graders who qualified (free and reduced lunch statistics) for the dental sealant program 289 (77%) participated. Of those 289 screened, 186 (63%) received dental sealants with an average 2.7 dental sealants per child. With 83 (28%) children needing treatment, 57 (19%) had early untreated decay and 26 (8%) needing urgent care. Each child with untreated dental decay averaged at least 1.86 primary teeth with dental decay and .42% permanent molar per child. Of the 83 children identified as needing treatment, 19 (28%) received treatment to date. Help is needed from those who have and have not yet had an opportunity to volunteer. This program is a tremendous undertaking and requires many volunteers. We again received grant monies to continue the program this year. However, when funding comes from grants, objectives must be met or the funds must be returned. We need dental professionals, staff, and community volunteers to make this a success. For questions, to sign-up or to donate to the program, please contact Linda Bohacek, RDH, MA, Health Care Access/Healthy Smiles Coordinator 715-835-0112 or email:



The mission of Healthy Communities is to bring people together to promote the well-being of individuals, families, and communities of Eau Claire County. Eau Claire City/County Health Dept

A BIG THANK YOU to Eau Claire Area Foundation for their support of our grant submission for the Sealants Today For Smiles Tomorrow Program