President's Message

I am honored to be serving as President of Junior League for the 2012-13 year. Junior League is and active and vibrant organization that has been instrumental in developing programs to better the Eau Claire community for more than 80 years. First as Service League and more recently as Junior League of Eau Claire, this group of ladies have seen a need and developed programs to fill that void. Junior League is responsible for the development of the Back to School back packs, Warm the Children, Dental Sealants, The Community Table, and Kids in the Kitchen program, to name a few. With the partnerships that have been developed with other community organizations, Junior League has been able to make a sustainable difference for the community as a whole.

Diaper Bank is the most current signature project and is getting off to a great start. Through fundraising efforts and diaper drives, Junior League has been able to supply the Diaper Bank with diapers that are then distributed through Feed my People Food Bank. Junior League together with community partnerships continues to serve and improve our community in new and exciting ways. There are always opportunities where you can make a difference in Junior League.

While there is much work to be done, there is also time for play. Social outlets give everyone a chance to develop friendships that last a lifetime. Working and playing shoulder to shoulder with another member cements bonds and gives a sense of accomplishment that cannot be duplicated. Through Junior League, we get the opportunity to try new things and spread our wings. Junior League members become trained volunteers through the opportunities for learning and discovering their abilities with the support of the entire group. We together can accomplish much!

Come make a difference in your community!
Come meet people that make a difference!
Come learn what you are capable of accomplishing!
Come accomplish more as part of Junior League!

Linda Holzhausen
President, Junior League of Eau Claire



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Linda Holzhausen
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